Villages are the backbones of our country. They need to be accorded due attention. The villages should be strengthened in terms of education, information exchange, health, agriculture and support to lead a self sustained and secured social life.They grow to new heights from MP to Minister of state for Heavy Industries &Public Enterprises.
Sri G Mallikarjunappa
Villages have the basic resources for any kind of creation. Villagers and farmers dedicate their life to produce the crops. What they get back is fewer prices for their products, painful poverty, decline in the living standards, and feeling of disappointment as they look at the pleasures and lifestyle of urban cities through media. The feeling of helplessness and distresses is forcing the rural youths to be violent and leading them to the cities. Schemes must be taken up to bring the urban culture in rural areas.

Farmers are agricultural scientists. They always do experiments, may be on trial and error basis. But they need to be guided, educated and must be accorded due attention. The villages should be provided basic amenities, so that all the people in the society get social justice without any discrimination.

After all, how can we be happy if our annadatha (food provider) is suffering from never ending sorrows?

Thoughts of Late Sri G Mallikarjunappa
Former Member of Parliament
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